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Tips for Buying New Drivers Car Insurance
Gemma Masini
July 30, 2013

You’ve just passed your test and can’t wait to get on the road. Not so fast… have you thought about your car insurance? For new drivers, it’s notoriously expensive so make sure you check out our simple tips for buying new drivers car insurance to ensure you get the best deal.




Think before you buy new drivers car insurance

It may sound obvious, but consider how much money you’ll have to fork out for your insurance before you purchase. Choose a car from a lower insurance group and then you won’t end up with any nasty shocks when you have to cough up.

Car Finance OptionsShop around

This is a time where you must take advantage of comparison sites. Don’t be put off by having to input lengthy details. It only takes five minutes of your time and it could save you hundreds of pounds. Also, be sure to search a few comparison sites because they don’t all cover the same insurers.

Consider an extra qualification

Taking a driving test is incredibly stressful and it goes without saying that you will have worked very hard to pass, so the last thing you feel like doing is taking another test. But before you dismiss any extra work, consider taking an advance driving course, like Pass Plus. Some insurers offer a discount for the qualification.

Keep it simple

It’s really exciting buying your first car and, of course, you want to make it your own. But try to steer clear of making modifications, such as alloy wheels and the like. This is because the more changes you make to your car, the more you may be charged.

Car theftCar theft – Think security

Installing security measures can mean that you receive a discount. Declare anything such as alarms and tracking devices to see if they make a difference to the amount you need to pay. Additionally, where you park your car can affect your car insurance. Obviously, parking your car in a garage is the safest and may save you some cash, but don’t lie about details like this, because it may mean that you might not be able to claim, should you need to, in the future.



Choose a higher excess

This can reduce your premium but obviously make sure that you can afford to pay this if the worst should happen.

Summer Car ChecksDrive less!

Put simply, the more miles you drive, the more you’ll have to pay. If you can find any way of reducing journeys, then go for it. Don’t be tempted to lie about your mileage though. Your car insurance will be declared void if you’re found out.

Don’t pay monthly

If you can, pay upfront for the year. You’ll be charged interest if you pay monthly so it works out so much cheaper in the long run if you can pay in one lump sum.

Add a named driver, but be honest

You can add a named driver to your policy, which is particularly good if they’re older and more experienced because it’s assumed the driving responsibility is shared between a low risk and high risk motorist. Then obviously, the time that the high risk motorist spends behind the wheel is reduced and potentially, the risk of an accident is lowered. However, don’t do this if it’s untrue, because it’s illegal and, of course, your insurer won’t pay out. Always ensure that the main driver on the policy is the person who’s driving the car the most.

Insurance folderOne final thought… Black Box Insurance?

This involves your car being fitted with a device that basically records your performance and driving habits. Like speed, braking, the types of roads you use, the number of journeys you’ve made and the distance travelled, etc. If you’re deemed to be a safe driver, then the price you pay for insurance may decrease. It’s certainly worth enquiring about this type of car insurance, but don’t forget that your car insurance may also increase by installing this device.

As mentioned, make sure that you tell the truth about all of the details that are requested of you. You won’t be able to claim if you’re found out and while you may have saved hundreds on the good work that you put into finding cheap insurance, it won’t be worth it if it’s declared invalid later on.

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