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March 30, 2018

We have all been there, we are in the midst of a mammoth road trip and we have forgotten charge the iPad, pack spare nappies, or you are stuck in traffic with a baby who is screaming for a feed.

Car aside there plenty of things you need prepare for ahead of travelling with children. Taking time to plan ahead, can ensure you arrive relaxed and stress free.

Car Seats.

Safety is the primary consideration when travelling with Children. Always double check your car seats are fitted properly and that you have followed the manufactures advise on how to fit them correctly. If you have recently changed cars make sure that the car seats are still suitable.


You can never have too many wipes, useful for sticky hands, runny noses and spilt drinks.

Snacks and Drinks.

Packing a bag full of treats is the perfect way to keep kids entertained during a long journey. Services stations are notoriously over priced and packing a mixture of healthy and treat type snacks will save you money and guilt over giving the kids too much sugar.

Plan your route.

If you are travelling one hour or 8 hours make sure you have planned your route and planned appropriate stops. Babies under 18 months should not spend more than two hours at a time in their car seats so ensure to plan stops to stretch you legs, change and feed the baby. Advice suggests that taking regular breaks helps avoid tiredness related accidents too.

Traveling times.

Review what time you are travelling. Rush hour can add hours onto travel time and can make a 3 hour journey become much more. Consider traveling very early or later in the evening to avoid traffic if travelling a long way. This has a double benefit, as children may be more likely to sleep during night time or early morning travels. Additionally, travelling with smaller children maybe more comfortable for all if it incorporated into a nap time.


In todays day and age iPad’s, tablets and games consoles are the perfect way to while away hours on a long journey, but if you fancy going old school there are plenty of car journey games to play on a long journey.

Ispy….I spy with my little eye something beginning… hours of fun ahead and no explanation required.

Memory Games. Mrs brown when shopping and brought followed by a list that all players must remember. Each player adds one item to the previous list and the winner is the one who doesn’t forget any items.

20 Questions. Players simply pick a person and their fellow passengers have to guess who it is using only 20 questions.

Would you rather. Would you rather have arms for legs or legs for arms. Neither is particularly pleasing, but you have to pick one. Great for kids and adults alike.

Finally, if all else fails as keep a bribe to hand and promise a little treat as a reward at the end of the trip.

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