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Dominos team up with Ford
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Gemma Masini
January 13, 2014

As busy ladies on the go, we all know that the world rests on our shoulders when it comes to managing home life.  Luckily for us the day has finally come where ordering a take out really is as simple as 1,2,3.

Dominos Pizza and Ford Motors have announced they will be teaming up, and providing pizza on the move for their customers with an app that means you can order a pizza on the way home, so its delivered to your door as you arrive home from a long day.

This new feature will allow customers to place a pizza order from their car using the Ford SYNC AppLink and Domino’s Pizza Profile platform.

Forddominoes2Domino’s customers who have a Pizza Profile on their Domino’s mobile app, as well as the Ford SYNC in-car connectivity system, will be able to enjoy pizza on the move via their saved “Easy Order” in a few voice-activated steps.

Customers can save their favourite pizza and menu item combination, address and payment information using the Easy Order function at Dominos or on their mobile app. The order can then be placed through the mobile app using voice commands provided by the SYNC system.

The AppLink feature enables drivers to control selected apps on connected smartphones and tablets using the SYNC voice button on the wheel or the audio system buttons of equipped Ford vehicles.

Life really is changing and the 21st century is certainly showing that life really can be made easier with technology lets hope soon Ford can come up with an App to could do a Sunday Roast!

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