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Gemma Masini
October 23, 2013

Unless you have a couple of grand stuffed under the sofa to pimp your ride, it can be fairly tricky.  Of course you can pick up branded dust caps for just a few pounds, seat covers will set you back a bit more, but they are still a thousand times cheaper than reupholstering the entire vehicle.

Pimp your ride – colour

For most of us even the colour of our car is not necessarily something we have personally chosen; it was just the one we liked most, on the forecourt. After all who are those people that chose to drive around in canary yellow cars?
On holiday in Malta I saw a pink Mini with Mini Mouse stickers across the bonnet, whilst Beetles that have transformed into large sunflowers seem to be all the rage at the yearly ‘Run to the Sun’ festival down in Cornwall.

Pimp your ride cars 4 girls

Eccentric designs aside, I’ve seen some amazing spray jobs.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the intricate detail of American Indian landscapes on lorry cabs.  This kind of advanced airbrushing is increasing in popularity, with owners dedicating murals to their favourite pop stars or movies.

However, if I was the owner of a $90,000 white Porsche Panamera I’m not sure I’d be that happy to arrive home to find that it had been given a special and emotional paint job by my boyfriend.  That’s how Chris Brown, explained the terrible giraffe sprawled across his girlfriend’s, Karrueche Tran‘s lovely supercar…oh dear!

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