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    Aurijinal: Get Antique Asian Home Décor Products to Adorn Your Home

    Everyone desires to have a house of their dreams; for which, people try to make each and everything of their house as beautiful as they can. Whether it is about exterior or interior décor of the home, people try to make it alluring as well as attractive. Home décor is of utmost importance, because it not only enhances the beauty of the home, but also reflects the standard of people who live there. Today, people can find a wide variety of interior décor products for adorning their homes; however, making use of hand-crafted décor products can be a great option to give your home a classy touch. And, Aurijinal is the best store to get such hand crafted products.

    Aurijinal is an Asian home décor products manufacturer and supplier headquartered in Bangkok. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing unique interior décor products such as sculptures, designer boxes, vases, lamps, tableware, furniture and many more. The company makes use of only natural eggshell, mother of pearl and Vietnamese lacquer materials for producing designer home décor products. The craftsmen makes use of both old and modern techniques in order to create adorable and attractive products.

    Bamboo salad bowls, and all other bamboo products can be perfect for your home to be used as tableware. Other than bamboo products, you can get several highly creative and beautiful pieces of lacquer and mother of pearl products including boxes, silk lamps and eggshell tableware.

    Aurijinal offers a wide range of products including lacquer trays, bamboo lightshades, seagrass sofas and chairs, bamboo vases and many other products at highly reasonable prices. You can find all the products in various designs, shapes, varieties and colors. However, if you are looking for some customized products then you can also order for them according to your own designs. The team of European designers and the Vietnamese production staff work closely to offer you the highest quality of products and services. The designers of company make use of all the advanced and modern interior décor practices and offer you appealing designer products.

    To order your products now and for further information about the company you can visit aurijinal.com