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    All About Violence Against Humanitarian Aid Worker

    The world we are living in is still can’t called united. Though there are many organizations which are trying to unite the world but the escalating terrorist and criminal activities, conflict and war situations in countries like Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen etc. are making it difficult day by day. Even it has found that aid workers who provide assistance in humanitarian relief contexts in these countries are often attacked by belligerents and violent gangs. Attacks on humanitarian workers have increased to a great extent in the past few years and has become a major concern these days. In various reports it has found that around 461 cases related to attacks on humanitarian workers were reported in 2013 alone and the graph is continuously rising. Most of the time aid workers are ferociously killed by militants; these things are proving to be a threat to humanity.

    Aid workers are in-actual those people who are either employed by non-profit aid agencies such as UN, INGO, LNGO, International Committee of Red Cross etc. or selflessly work in front line conditions like wars, natural disasters and other environmental conditions. They help affected people by providing essential supplies like food, water, medicine, clothes and tents. Instead of being grateful and rewarding such courageous UN humanitarian aid workers, terrorist groups and belligerent parties are kidnapping, torturing and even killing them and in-all making people lose faith in humanity.

    Humanitarian aid workers are often subjected to being attacked in aforementioned countries as compared to those which are at peace. Considering the above facts it has become a necessity for human rights associations to look for aid worker security and take necessary actions whenever needed. Organizations are required to get prepared to prevent violence and attacks against humanitarian aid workers. It has also become a responsibility of the international non-government organizations and United Nations to team-up with those people and scholars who could study and understand the facts related to this serious issue so that appropriate steps can be introduced in the system.

    If you are someone who is also concerned about this problem and want to get more knowledge on this topic then you can visit Academia.edu. At Academia.edu you can find a detailed report on this problem which primarily focuses on the need of taking important actions against the cruelty of such belligerent parties and to provide security to humanitarian workers.