I have been driving for years and have been oblivious to the perils of having a cracked windscreen and then my world changed the day I brought a Mini.

In 5 years I have had around 10 replacement windscreens and currently need another, apparently it is something to do with the structure of the screen on Minis, which is more upright than other cars leaving it susceptible to cracks.


 Windscreen advice – which way to go, renew or repair?

Windscreen repair Cars4girlsThe first time it happened I had no idea what to do or who to call, but I remember all the adverts that I had seen on the TV promoting windscreen repair and thought the logical thing to do is call one of them.

After one phone call I was still confused as to what to do, and the cost of repair direct from several window repair companies was around the £200 mark. So I decided to call my insurance, something I would recommend doing. Basically they send there affiliate windscreen company direct to your house or you can take it to a local point where they can fix the problem, one window repair company even came to my work, and the most I have ever paid is £60 and the least £50. It is problem free, and to be honest hassle free, and you know the person fixing your windscreen is 100% affiliated.

However damage of up to 40mm across can sometimes be repaired, depending on where in the screen it is situated. If the damage is right in front of the driver – in the area known as the ‘A zone’ – only damage up to 10mm can be repaired. This is slightly less than the size of a 5 pence coin. And that’s then the only time it is worth getting a company to fix the problem direct rather than going through your insurance cost average around £45.

Screen Chipped
Windscreen advice – the law

If the screen damage impairs your vision it can cause the car to fail its MOT or worse as it has been know for drivers to receive fines for cracked windscreens.






Windscreen advice – don’t forget the screenwash

The law surrounding windscreens is very strict and it is important to insure you top up your windscreen wash bottle regularly as well. An empty washer bottle could result in a £1,000 fine and three points on your driving licence.

Screen wash is not only used to stop your water freezing in the winter, it is also great for removing insects from your windscreen in the summer. Never add washing-up liquid to your windscreen wash, It could damage your windscreen wipers and leave a potentially dangerous film on your windscreen.

Of course don’t forget to put your tax disk and parking permits back on your windscreen when it has been repaired.

Kiri Bloore for Cars4girls.com

Kiri Bloore for Cars4girls.com