Get Waxing For A Showroom Look

We’ve all done it, spent hours washing the car but still not got that showroom look. Over the years I’ve tried loads of different products, only used certain types of cloths…so what is the secret to a showroom finish?

The first thing to understand is that wax and polish is not the same thing. Polish is the stuff that gives your car a shiny gloss, while the wax seals in the gloss and helps resistance against dirty rainwater and everyday grime, the combined types aren’t anywhere near as good no matter what they say on the packaging!

Get waxing for a showroom look – the procedure

So, let’s get to work; wash your car in the normal manner, and never in direct sunlight to avoid streaking, and remember always start from the roof down and only once you’ve washed all theCar washing Cars4girls body work and windows should you clean the wheels, ideally use an old sponge for this so the grit doesn’t get embedded in it. Once this is done make sure you spray or rinse your vehicle thoroughly to make sure all cleaning solution is removed and dry it with a chamois leather. Some of the plastic water blades also give a good finish, but watch out for trapped grit which can scrape along as you wipe

Then apply auto-detailing clay or paint cleaner, this is a step most people skip, but professionals insist upon. It will remove things that a regular wash will not, such as oxidation, swirls in the paint job and tiny scratches in the paint.

Now you’re ready to apply your car polish. This is the step where you’ll add that showroom shine. This will give your vehicle a high gloss shimmer and a shine that will make your car stand out from the crowd.

The final step is to apply the wax as a protective layer over the top of the polish. Waxing your car will seal in the showroom shine and help prevent damage to your paint job and remember it’s always best to apply wax in the shade, not in direct sunlight.

Don’t forget the tyres

For an added detail then it’s amazing how much better it looks simply by blacking the tyres, using one of the various silicone based solutions readily available in car accessory shops.

So now you’ve got the tips, get the car out of the garage and treat it to a wax and polish!