How To Check Your Oil

Having the correct amount of oil in your car is really important. Forgetting to top up the levels can cause serious damage to the engine, not to mention the risk of breaking down. Ideally, you should check your oil level once a month. It’s a really good habit to get into and will take less than five minutes.










Here’s what you need to do to check your oil levelCheck oil level Cars4girls
  • Make sure that the car is cold and that you’re on level ground
  • Open the bonnet and locate the dipstick (refer to your handbook for the correct location if you’re unsure but it’s usually brightly coloured to make it easy to find)
  • Pull the dipstick out, clean it with a cloth, and push it back into the pipe
  • Pull the dipstick back out and ensure that the level falls between the minimum and maximum marks
  • If the oil level is close to the minimum marker, top up but remember not to overfill


As you can see, checking your oil is very straightforward and your car will certainly thank you for it. If the oil looks dirty or smells, you probably need to change it altogether. There are lots of different grades oils available to buy depending on whether you car is diesel, or high performance, so refer to your handbook for further advice.

  • Anna Vaccaro