Discovering a flat tyre is more annoying than anything else but it can also prove pretty costly if a Garage does the work for you.  But you can do the work yourself and to change a tyre is easier than most people think. Here’s how…





To change a tyre you’re going to need…
  • Spare wheel (please make sure it’s inflated properly and has the minimum amount of tread)
  • Wheel Brace
  • Vehicle Jack
  • Your Handbook
  • Screwdriver (you may need this to prise the wheel trims off)
  • Gloves/old rag as the tyre will be dirty

Before you start the work, get everybody out of the car and take any excess luggage out of the boot.  If you’re unlucky enough to be driving when you need to change your tyre, then switch on your hazard warning lights and remember NOT to carry out work on the hard shoulder of a motorway.

1)     Make sure that the engine is switched off and the handbrake is on. Put the car into first gear if manual and park if automatic. Make sure the spare is close by!

2)     Remove the plastic wheel trim, if there is one.

3)     Loosen the nuts on the wheel you need to change.

4)     Now it’s time to use the jack. Refer to your handbook to find the recommended lifted point. It’s really important to refer to your manual here because if you use a point that isn’t recommended, the car could collapse or you may cause unnecessary damage to the car.Changing a flat tire

5)     Raise your car using the jack. Once it’s just off the ground, unscrew the wheel nuts, using the brace, and remove the wheel.

6)     Fit the spare wheel onto the car, ensuring that it’s the correct way around. Refit the nuts, tightening them by hand. Start with the top one first and then work in a diagonal sequence.

7)     Once you feel the wheel is secure, lower the vehicle so that it just touches the ground and tighten the nuts with the wheel brace.

8)     Then fully lower the car and remove the jack. Again, fully tighten all of the nuts, using the wheel brace.

Never work underneath the car if it’s only supported by the jack. Also, note that if you’re just using a temporary tyre, you should obviously replace this as soon as possible, and check out the restrictions as you’re usually only supposed to travel at a maximum of 50mph with one fitted.

  • Anna Vaccaro