Buying car insurance can be confusing and it’s very tempting to just opt for the cheapest policy. But before you part with any money, make sure you read our guide to find the best option for you.





Car insurance types – Third Party
  • This is the minimum policy you’ll need if you want to drive in the UKWoman driver
  • It’s also the most basic type of cover
  • It pays for damage and/or injury to other people, their vehicle and their property
  • But it doesn’t cover any other costs, like repair of your vehicle (or if your car was stolen, or damaged by fire)
  • Third Party Cover is popular with people with older cars, because the value of the car is likely to be less than any repairs needed
Car insurance types – Third Party, Fire & Theft
  • This policy offers all of the above and also covers you if your car is stolen or damaged by fire
  • Note that this policy still won’t cover damage to your vehicle (unless, of course, it’s fire or theft)
Car insurance types – Fully Comprehensive
  • This policy covers damage to your vehicle and damage to others in an accident
  • It also covers theft and damage caused to your car by fire
  • This is obviously the greatest level of cover available
  • Policies differ from company to company so ensure that you check out all of the fine print

Other cost factors within these 3 bands are, your age, driving experience, postcode, value and insurance group of car.

And of course, don’t forget to take a look at comparison websites where you’ll hopefully be able to find a reasonable deal.

  • Anna Vaccaro