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In Vehicle Cameras – Big Brother Watching Drivers?
Gemma Masini
July 29, 2013
Not necessarily a bad thing ….!

You’d be forgiven for thinking the advent of in-vehicle cameras is just another invasion of privacy and a continuation of the ‘Big Brother’ style society. However, the following story may change your mind…..

Lorry driver avoids ‘messy’ insurance nightmare after accident camera shows driver blameless following horrifying head-on smash between truck and motorcyclist

Smartwitness Camera Cars4Girls

Shocking video footage captured the moment a motorcyclist veered across a winding country lane and was involved in a terrifying collision with a truck. The video showed the bike being smashed to smithereens after driving into the HGV. Miraculously, the biker escaped with just a broken shoulder after narrowly avoiding being crushed. The police were called and the HGV driver was allegedly accused of speeding, dangerous driving and poor lane discipline.
However, his truck was fitted with a Smart Witness Vehicle Accident Camera which proved that the HGV was NOT to blame for the collision. The video proved that he was travelling at just 27mph at the point of collision and driving safely on the correct side of the road. As soon as the police viewed the footage, the motorcyclist’s complaint was dismissed and a messy and expensive insurance battle was avoided. And crucially, the driver was able to return to work quickly because he knew he had done nothing wrong.

The collision happened on country lanes near to the headquarters of haulage firm John Jempson & Son in Rye, East Sussex. They had invested in the £239 cameras for their 65-strong fleet three years ago.

In Vehicle Cameras recommended by insurers

Car video recorder Cars4girls

Such in-vehicle camera systems are recommended by major insurers for both hauliers and private motorists, and can even result in lower insurance premiums under some policies. As well as recording high quality images, the system can record vehicle location, vehicle speed, driving style and impact force – providing vital evidence in the event of an accident or other incident.

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