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Gemma Masini
November 11, 2013

A recent survey carried out by motors.co.uk found that 48% of men thought they were more attractive in a sports car, and that they would be more appealing to the opposite sex while driving one.

A great number of men believe that they are seen as more desirable to women, when driving a sports model or an expensive car, but according to this survey, women thought men driving this type of car were arrogant, and very often self-centred people, who could quite possibly be also very dangerous drivers.

Guys cars – 4×4 vs Sports

More Attractive Range rover

Many men associate the drivers of 4✕4 vehicles as being arrogant and rude, and dislike women that drive them.  Whereas, driving a sports or an expensive make of car, men believe that it will help women perceive you as being safe, successful and desirable.  Women thought that the preferred car that would represent a safe driver, that was also hard working and reliable, would be the sort of man that would drive a Ford Mondeo saloon, or even a Renault Megane, or VW Passat.  Hatchback drivers being the most modest of them all by far.

More Attractive toyota priusSafe Drivers

This research found that both sexes actually agreed that drivers of eco-friendly cars, such as the Toyota Prius, or even the Nissan Leaf, were the safest drivers, and most likely to be the most intelligent drivers on the road.  These two cars also gave men the edge when looking for a partner, especially if the car was in black.

Phill Jones, the spokesman for Motors.co.uk the company that carried out the research, is quoted as saying: “Our survey provided an interesting snapshot into how people perceive car drivers, with the bad boy sports car stereotype still holding true. The disparity between men and women suggests that the yummy mummy ‘Chelsea tractor’ stereotype might be having a similar effect on men as sports cars appear to be having on women”.

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