An accident is something that nobody wants to witness but what should you do if a crash happens right in-front of your very eyes? It’s easy to panic, but glance over our simple tips below and try to remember them in an emergency.




If You Witness A Car Accident:
  • Easier said than done, but try not to panic. Stay calm.Woman Car Accident Cars4girls
  • Turn your hazard warning lights on, which will warn drivers behind you.
  • If you can get to the scene of the accident safely, check if anybody is injured. Call the Emergency Services immediately, giving location and injury details. If you’re on the motorway and you’re near to an emergency roadside phone then use it. The Emergency Services will be able to locate you more easily.
  • Do not smoke and ensure that nobody else is.
  • While waiting for the ambulance, don’t move anybody who’s injured. Try to make sure they’re comfortable though. If you have a blanket, use it to keep injured people warm.
  • If you have any basic first aid skills then use them if appropriate, but if you’re unsure, wait for the ambulance to arrive.
  • Keep talking to and reassuring anybody with an injury.
  • Move other people, who are able to walk, away from the scene.
  • Don’t move any of the vehicles or debris. Even if they are obstructing the road for other drivers. The Police will deal with this later.
  • Stay at the scene until the Emergency Services arrive.

Again, try to stay calm if you do witness an accident. Your quick thinking and composure could save lives.

  • Anna Vaccaro