Motorway breakdown in busy traffic can be a pretty awful experience and it’s all too easy to panic if it happens to you.






Here are some simple motorway breakdown tips to help –

Motorway Breakdown Tips

  • Pull over onto the hard shoulder and, if possible, point your wheels to the left towards the grass verge. Put your hazard warning lights on so that other motorists are aware that you’ve broken down
  • If you can’t get to the hard shoulder, switch on your hazard warning lights and don’t get out of the car. Call the emergency services immediately.
  • Leave the vehicle by the left hand side of the car and move as far away from the car as possible, ideally onto the bank. If you have a reflective jacket available to you, ensure that you wear it so that you’re clearly visible to other road users
  •  If you’re close to a roadside emergency telephone, use that instead of your mobile phone. This is because the emergency telephones on the motorway will give the operator your exact location, preventing any panic while you try to explain exactly where you are on a generic motorway
  • If you’re using your mobile phone, try to provide the operator with the number on the nearest marker post so that they can locate you more easily
  • Go back to where your vehicle is located but if your car is on the hard shoulder, remember to wait on the grass verge or bank – never sit inside the car

Breakdown situations are very stressful but remember to follow our simple tips above and try to stay calm.

  • Anna Vaccaro