We live in England – and that can only mean one thing: rain is never too far away!  Driving in rain can be pretty tricky though.  Follow our steps below to ensure you’re as safe as possible on the roads.





Driving in Rain Tips
  • All Weather Driving - RainFirstly, think about your journey before you set off.  Make sure that you’ve got a good idea of your route and always allow extra time to reach your destination. Fully charge your mobile phone before you go anywhere.
  • Make sure that you do everything you can before you set off to avoid a breakdown.  It sounds silly, but ensure you have enough petrol.  Have a quick check of your oil, tyres, windscreen etc.  Don’t forget to check that the windscreen wipers are working properly!
  • It’s obvious, but slow down!  Make sure there’s plenty of room between you and the car infront.  You’ll need to account for extra time to break on slippery surfaces.
  • As well as slowing down, drive carefully – don’t break too hard when slowing down.  And obviously, avoid sudden movements such as sharp turns.
  • Don’t forget to use your lights!  Again, it sounds obvious, but visibility is greatly reduced in the rain, so you must use your lights.
  • If you do happen to break down, don’t leave your bonnet open while you wait for help because you don’t want the electrical system getting too wet.