Winter is well and truly on its way and that often means cold, foggy days. Driving in fog can be very treacherous, so follow our simple tips below to make sure you’re as safe as possible.





Driving in fog checklist
  • Before setting off on a journey, make sure you know where your front and rear fog lights are and how to use them. There’s nothing worse than needing to use your fog lights and not knowing which ones they are.  If you had to mess with your lights to find out, this is obviously confusing and dangerous for other drivers. Don’t forget to check that all lights are actually working before embarking on your journey
  • Fog2Your headlights should be dipped at all times
  • Don’t rush your journey. Take your time and ensure that you leave a decent amount of space between yourself and the next car. Do not attempt to use their lights to navigate your own vehicle and make sure you can stop within a distance you can see
  • Do all that you can to make sure you’re aware of other vehicles. Use your mirrors and even wind the window down so that you can hear other traffic.
  • Before making your journey, ensure that you have everything that you need incase of a breakdown. Take a few minutes to pack some blankets, water, snacks, a map/sat nav, first aid kit, warning triangle and battery jump leads.  Also, fully charge your mobile phone before you set off.