We’ve all been there. A tired late night drive home… whether it be the short trip back from your friend’s house or the long drive from a relative’s pad, and it can be fatal if you drive while sleepy. The luxury of having a kip before driving isn’t always possible, so what can you do if you have to make a journey when tired?




Driving tired – best advice

Coffee break Cars4girls

– Always plan breaks in to your drive. Don’t be tempted to power on with the journey.

– Take a break, get some fresh air, perhaps a light snack or drink and you’ll feel refreshed. Try to take fifteen minute breaks for every two hours you drive.

– If you do start to feel very tired, take a break and get a couple of cups of coffee. The caffeine should wake you up a little, but always remember that this is a short term solution and certainly wouldn’t get you through a long drive home.

-If you can take a quick nap in the car then so much the better. Even a short fifteen minute sleep should help.

– Try to plan ahead. If you know you’re going to a friend’s house and will be driving late at night, you’re obviously going to be tired on the drive home. Stay over and leave in the morning, or plan to leave earlier and stick to it.

While it’s tempting to make that journey when tired, the unfortunate consequences can be fatal.

  • Anna Vaccaro