If you’re like me and have moved with the times and ended up with the worlds smallest car then car storage solutions are always an interesting prospect.  So what car storage solutions are around?


Well of course you can go to the extravagant expense of a trailer to take your whole wardrobe wherever you go – if that is something you are going to consider then you will need to find out if the trailer you plan to buy fits to the kerb weight of your car and also the weight of your holiday essentials.  Don’t panic if you are wondering what the technical term ‘kerb weight’ means it is just the empty weight of your car without people or luggage in – the weight of your car should be in you drivers manual.If a trailer in all its lavish glory is a little out of you budget then there are of course other options.  The three that we are going to focus on are fitted racks, strap on racks, and fitted boxes.

Fitted Boxes

It all really depends on what you what to transport, if you’re looking to travel heavier loads a fitted boxed is always a better option.  But they are a commitment, as to attach one to your car you need to do so by drilling in holes and two roof bars to ensure it stays put when you drive.

Roof Boxes

Roof boxes are full width boxes that take up a lot of space and add plenty of weight.  But the up side is that they act as another large boot space.


Roof Racks

The next on our list is permanent racks: these are a great solution if you are a family that camp or regularly go on bike rides.  These basically fit to the roof of your car and with the roof mounting feature, you still have rear end access, so you can still open up the boot, and you can load the bikes on and off as required.

If you’re looking for something a little less permanent then there are two separate options to look into.

Tow Bar Rack

A Tow bar rack is ideal for attaching bikes for quick trips.  The downside of a tow bar rack are the blocks the boot, and this is only a suitable solution if your car comes with a tow bar construction.

Bike rack bootBike Rack

Or the other option is a strap on bike rack, a cheaper and quicker way to transport bikes.  It slips onto the tailgate or boot area via hooks and straps, which then secure the bikes.

As well as utilising the boot, larger vehicles with spare wheel attachments can use their spare wheel as a temporary mount, ideal for 4 x 4 cars.

So, there is certainly some food for thought and I hope I have made the storage solution options a little easier to understand.


Kiri Bloore for Cars4girls.com

Kiri Bloore for Cars4girls.com