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Dash Cams - are they making Europes roads safer?
Gemma Masini
November 23, 2017

Dash cams are little cameras mounted inside your car and bring the sole purpose of visually recording your journey in real time. They have been around for decades and have been commonly used in Russia to expose fraudulent police officers, but, they are becoming more recognised in every day motoring in the UK now more than ever? Why? Simply to record your motoring and assist towards accountability should you find yourself in a traffic altercation.

The Dash cams can be mounted front and rear and turn on automatically when you start the engine and will record every journey you make. You may be the safest and most law abiding driver in the world, but the chances are you will come across road users who are less so. There are some pretty poor drivers out there.

Take my example, I was recently rear ended at a set of traffic lights, I knew it was going to happen too, I had seen in my rear view mirror the motorist behind me on her mobile phone, I was stationary and she had not realized as she was too busy on her phone, of course she didn’t admit to that in the insurance documentation, but had i had a a dash cam it would have been recorded, and who can deny video evidence ? Infact, more and more insurance companies are accepting dash cam footage in insurance claims, including the AA.

Furthermore, depending on the model of your dash cam they can be set to run when you are not driving in order to record what happens around your car when parked. How many times have you returned from the shops to find some has knocked your car with a trolley, or worse still crashed into you and driven off, or even broken into your vehicle? A dash cam will record all of this so why not invest for your own piece of mind and to assist in the event of any wrong doing.

People have asked if dash cams will make driving safer, the answer is quite simply not directly, but indirectly they may increase self awareness and therefore have a knock on effect.

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