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Childproofing your car
Gemma Masini
November 15, 2017

How often do you drive with children in the car? Wether it is your kids, family you are with or your friends kids, when you do it is imperative to think of safety for you, them and other road users.

Just yesterday, I was driving behind a Renault Clio clearly loaded with people and one clearly an infant as I could see the child seat on the rear left handside of the car. I was driving on a busy dual carriage way and due to roadworks we were rolling at around 20mph, when suddenly the left rear door of the Clio infront of me was opened causing the car alongside them to swerve and the Clio to brake suddenly and swerve as the driver turned to face the child. Fortunately there was no incident, but this could have ended so differently.

You simply do not want this situation to arise when traveling with children and modern cars are equipped so as to avoid such issues. Put the child locks on the rear doors and windows too so that YOU are in full control of EVERYTHING.

The child safety door locks are usually located just on the inside of the door. There will be a simple slide switch or you may need to make a small turn using your car key, consult your cars manual if you are unsure and be sure you do lock both rear doors. For the windows, if your vehicle allows you to control the rear windows this can normally be done from inside the vehicle although it will depend on your make and model and again you will need to check the manual.

Do not ignore the fact that it is law in the UK for all children to be correctly restrained when traveling in the front or back of the car with the appropriate car seat and fastenings. Car seats and the correct seatbelt must be used until the age of 12 or 135cm tall. For further information on car seats and booster seats for your little ones please check out our Cars4Girls guide.

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