Despite family-sized cars getting bigger over the years, giving us more useful boot space & family legroom, they’ve also been getting more economical than ever, with advances in green technology.






Here’s our top 5 Large Family Cars for your perusal, in no particular order:-


Vauxhall-Insignia-2014 Cars4girlsVauxhall Insignia
A smart-looking family car, which won European Car Of The Year 2009. And if the name doesn’t mean anything, it was the sparkling new, updated version of the Vectra from 2008. The manufacturer’s figures claim low CO2 emissions, and a decent MPG of 54.7. The main negative with the Insignia, widely reported, is that the rear centre seat is uncomfortable for adults, so definitely better reserved for tinier legs!

Ford-Mondeo-Cars4girlsFord Mondeo
Probably the best known and most seen of our Top 5, not a choice to make if you want to stand out on the road! Also one of the largest, which means fabulous boot space and an interior that doesn’t feel cramped. Ford has the deserved reputation of value and economy on the road, so it’s a good solid, sensible choice. However, the large dimensions mean it can be tricky to park, so get one with parking sensors if you can.

SKODA Superb Skoda Superb
Skoda is still trying to shake off the old image and all the recurring jokes, but it’s doing a great job and starting to be recognised as a marque to trust, and with a great deal of refinement and features for a wonderfully low price tag. So, if you can get past the name, you get a lot of car for a small amount of money, and with the Superb also a nifty dual tailgate which means it’s both a hatch and saloon in one.

VW-Passat Cars4girlsVolkswagen Passat
Revamped in 2011, the Passat became sharper in looks, more nimble on the road, and more feature-packed inside. There are a wide range of engines to choose from, including all diesel models having stop-start technology for added fuel economy. If you’re buying second-hand, look out for some nifty extras which the first owner might have opted into, like a boot switch which pops open when you waggle your foot under the car (very handy with hands full!) or massaging seats.

Mazda 6 Cars4girlsMazda 6
Definitely the nicest to look at from this Top 5, but that’s just my opinion! The option list is huge, so a bit of a minefield if buying second-hand, therefore make sure you do your homework, as from new the difference between the entry-level model and the loaded top model with Bose sound system had a whole £5,000 between them. Mazda is known for great build quality and style, so whilst you might pay a little more for a Mazda 6 than others in this list, it’s a good compromise with both great looks and a reassuring safety record.

  • Mandy O’Neale

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