Think “Estate” and most people think, “big, boxy, unattractive and purely practical”. But in recent years some estates have become as stylish as the saloons or hatches they are derived from, and can be sensible and useful without being boring.





Here’s our top 5 Estate cars, in no particular order:-


Skoda Superb Estate Cars4girls

Skoda Superb Estate
As is now universally acknowledged, Skoda as a brand has done a literally ‘Superb’ job of completely changing its image to the general public. Gone are all of the old jokes, to be replaced by a reputation of a reliable, feature-packed brand where your money goes a long way. The Superb Estate boasts more load space than almost any other car in its class, plus legroom to rival the Merc S-Class! And here’s a little-known fact – it’s one of the only two cars to offer an umbrella concealed in the door – the other being a Rolls!!!

Seat Ibiza ST Cars4girlsSeat Ibiza ST
Seat is another brand which has worked hard in recent years to gain popularity and style, and has done a great job at it. The ST really is an estate that doesn’t look like an estate…..beautifully angular and nowhere near as boxy or big to park as you’d think. In the last year the model has had a facelift, and amazingly a reduction in price too! Engine options are also economical, with the 1.2 using stop-start technology AND being exempt from the London Congestion Charge. And it even boasts more luggage space than its bigger brother the Leon.

Honda Accord Tourer Cars4girlsHonda Accord Tourer
Good looks and high trim and comfort levels are a great start for this estate. It feels very solid, both to drive and to hold your precious cargo, with the addition of extra under-floor storage space, not only to add cubic feet but also to hide away precious items from prying eyes.

VW Golf Estate Cars4girlsVolkswagon Golf Estate
A dependable family car, with high mpg and low emissions. You get the pick of some of VW’s cleanest engines, including the 1.6 TDI diesel engine. Practical extra optrions include a parking system that will park the car for you – what more could you possibly need??!

Audi A4 Estate Cars4girlsAudi A4 Avant
A comfortable, good-looking and stylish option in the realm of estate cars. Not the cheapest, but that’s not what the Audi logo is all about. And if you fancy ticking the 4-wheel drive box as well as the estate box, this is a good bet, as one of the options is the Quattro.

Now meet Sophie and see what made her choose her Audi A4 Estate


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  •  Mandy O’Neale