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Gemma Masini
November 10, 2013
What are the options when it comes to travel in the UK?  Sit or more likely stand on a packed train that you paid hundreds of pounds for, or spend your whole months earnings on petrol and sit in traffic on your own for hours.
Blah Blah Cars – The new hitch hiking
Blah Blah cars may have just transformed the way we travel and updated the hitchhikers guide to the UK.  It’s basically like Airbnb for your car. If you are a car owner and travel regularly or even every now again, you can advertise lifts, and get paid to drive.  Prices average around £20 for long-haul journeys and £10 for short-haul journeys– each driver and passenger can be rate each other and their profiles are linked through their social media accounts.
The process…
As a traveler you can type in your location and where you wish to travel, and search through hundreds of offerings which disclose the mode of transport as well as the fee you will expect to pay.  And as a driver you can list the time and date of your travel, where you are going and how much you want to charge.
The whole process relies on members of the public being relatively normal and nice which is wonderful but also worrying.  The company is currently a finalists in the FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards: Urban Ideas in Action programme run by the The Financial Times.

Hitch hikers Cars 4 Girls

Kind people

The general concept sounds brilliant, environmentally friendly and friendly on your wallet, but and there is a big BUT, it could all go wrong in a moment.  Relying on the goodness of peoples human nature is always worrying.  I’m keen to see how this company progresses, and if you are going to make I would suggest going for a driver with a good rating or travel with someone in numbers.

Kiri Bloore for Cars4girls.com

Kiri Bloore for Cars4girls.com

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