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I’m Jane Farnham, I’m a TV presenter and Interior Designer. came about through my own need to find information and help, when I’ve needed a new car, get one serviced, insured, and like most of us sooner or later had a car break down on me.
We’re building up a source of comprehensive, straightforward, independent advice and information to help you do the same. Because of my background in TV we’ll be adding a whole bunch of different videos with experts in their field to maximize your benefits from they ever costly job of having a car!


Gemma Masini

I was bought up around motorsport! I went to my first F1 British Grand Prix aged just 4 months, the roar of the engines was literally like a lullaby for me and i slept through the entire race! I played with toy cars, built cars out of anything i could to play in, and spent my childhood at the racetracks. So it was a natural progression to become a sports journalist and report on some the worlds finest international competitions and make my passion my work. I also love driving, I qualified for my national B race license in 2014 and jump at the chance to be behind the wheel on track or off; for me driving really is a pleasure.

Kiri Bloore

Kiri Bloore

I have two passions in life, fashion and cars! Fortunately for me, I get to make a living involving both!
I grew up around cars, as my family has been extensively involved in professional motor racing for some time.
As well as being a model, fashion blogger and journalist, I travel around the country TV and radio broadcasting about all things motorsport including Touring Cars, Silverstone Radio, and the British Karting Championships.