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Two thirds of drivers still use their phone at the wheel
November 6, 2016

Be honest – how distracted are you when driving? Do you mentally switch off when you drive? Or maybe you’re guilty of using your mobile phone?

I think we’re all guilty of switching off occasionally when driving home (I’m usually thinking about everything I’ve got to do, or things I’ve forgotten to do at work that I must get around to tomorrow). But I’d guess that most people would be pretty worried at the thought of other motorists using their mobile phones at the wheel. Although we do occasionally see people driving while using their phone, I tend to believe that most motorists simply don’t do it anymore. However, according to a new survey, it seems that motorists using mobile phones at the wheel is far more common than we think.

Worrying research has revealed that almost two thirds of drivers still use their mobile phone when driving. The results of this survey were revealed by the Huffington Post. The research was carried out by Voucher Codes Pro.

Of those who said they used their phone, 36% said that they read or send texts and 27% of participants said that they take selfies when driving.

15% of those surveyed said that they use their phone to take photographs when driving.

Despite a lot of motorists still illegally using their phone when driving, 63% of the people who took part in the survey said that they felt uneasy when being driven by somebody who was using their mobile phone.

2296 people were questioned by this survey, and the full article can be found here –


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