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Motor Ombudsman service launched
November 10, 2016

We’re all used to hearing about the Financial Ombudsman, but Auto Express are reporting that a new, free service has now been launched to help consumers resolve disputes between garages and manufacturers – and it’s the first of its kind in the industry.

According to Auto Express, ‘The Motor Ombudsman becomes the official automotive dispute resolution body, protecting car owners and holding to account businesses signed up to its Codes of Practice.

However, in order to use the service, the garage or dealer must be signed up to the Codes of Practice operated by The Motor Ombudsman’.

Auto Express also sets out how the new Motor Ombudsman can help buyers –

It’s all in one

This is the first time there will be a single independent body for motorists to take any grievances to.

It covers the lot

A huge 99 per cent of new cars sold in the UK will be eligible for referral to The Motor Ombudsman.

It’s quick

Simple cases could be resolved in just five days. Even complicated cases will take just a few weeks to sort.

It’s totally free

The service is completely free, potentially saving motorists thousands in legal fees to resolve cases.

It’s binding

If the consumer accepts an Ombudsman decision, the garage is obliged to stand by the ruling.

The full article can be found here –

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Two thirds of drivers still use their phone at the wheel
November 6, 2016

Be honest – how distracted are you when driving? Do you mentally switch off when you drive? Or maybe you’re guilty of using your mobile phone?

I think we’re all guilty of switching off occasionally when driving home (I’m usually thinking about everything I’ve got to do, or things I’ve forgotten to do at work that I must get around to tomorrow). But I’d guess that most people would be pretty worried at the thought of other motorists using their mobile phones at the wheel. Although we do occasionally see people driving while using their phone, I tend to believe that most motorists simply don’t do it anymore. However, according to a new survey, it seems that motorists using mobile phones at the wheel is far more common than we think.

Worrying research has revealed that almost two thirds of drivers still use their mobile phone when driving. The results of this survey were revealed by the Huffington Post. The research was carried out by Voucher Codes Pro.

Of those who said they used their phone, 36% said that they read or send texts and 27% of participants said that they take selfies when driving.

15% of those surveyed said that they use their phone to take photographs when driving.

Despite a lot of motorists still illegally using their phone when driving, 63% of the people who took part in the survey said that they felt uneasy when being driven by somebody who was using their mobile phone.

2296 people were questioned by this survey, and the full article can be found here –


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Birmingham revealed as ‘the worst city to drive in’
October 30, 2016

MotoringResearch.com have reported the results of a survey that reveals Britain’s worst city to drive in. And some people might be surprised by the results, as most would automatically assume the title would go to London.

Infact, Birmingham was revealed as the worst city to drive in, probably not helped by the fact that Spaghetti Junction was described as ‘traffic hell’.

London wasn’t close behind, with 21% of the vote. This was followed by Bristol (17%), Liverpool (15%) and Cambridge (14%).

MotoringResearch.com also reported that George Charles, spokesperson for the website that conducted the survey, said: “Driving in a new place for the first time can always be a daunting task, but no more so than when your route takes you through Spaghetti Junction, or into a long queue on the M25 while trying to manoeuvre your way around London.

“It’s great to tackle these though, and not let the fears and worries put you off. Always keep alert, stay fully focused on the road and what’s going on around you, and where possible have a sat nav installed to help you navigate the lanes and turnings.”

The survey was carried out by VoucherCodesPro.co.uk and the full article can be found here –


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Most popular European holiday destination to hire a car: revealed!
October 23, 2016

Mallorca has been revealed as the most popular holiday destination in Europe to hire a car.

Traveldailymedia.com have reported the results of this survey and also published the table below, which handily tells you the average cost that you’ll pay in petrol or diesel while on holiday.

Mallorca was closely followed by Milan, Rome and Barcelona as the most popular destinations to hire a car abroad.

Country Petrol (€) Diesel (€) Average (€)
1 Mallorca 1.13 1.03 1.08
2 Milan 1.45 1.30 1.37
3 Rome 1.45 1.30 1.37
4 Barcelona 1.13 1.03 1.08
5 Pisa 1.45 1.30 1.37
6 Porto 1.45 1.21 1.33
7 Marseille 1.28 1.15 1.21
8 Gran Canaria 1.13 1.03 1.08
9 Lisbon 1.45 1.21 1.33
10 Faro 1.45 1.21 1.33

The full article can be found here –


And finally did you know driving abroad…
In Scandinavia it is illegal to drive without headlights on, even during the day.

If you wear glasses and you plan to drive in Spain you’ll need to carry an additional pair.

Whilst in Germany it is illegal to drive without winter tyres at certain times of the year!

In Russia, if you see people walking along the side of the road, don’t be tempted to give them a lift to the next town, it’s forbidden to pick up hitchhikers.

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